Folger Shakespeare Library

For the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, we collaborated with Pentagram and the Folger Shakespeare Library to create the exhibit “Shakespeare, Life of an Icon”. This exhibition kicked off “The Wonder of Will”, a yearlong celebration at the Folger commemorating Shakespeare through special events, exhibitions, performances, and other programming.


For this exhibition, we created three touchscreen applications. The first is an interactive timeline of English Plays, including Shakespeare’s work. The work are displayed by year, with the participant able to dig deeper through each selection to find out more. We also created two applications that utilize half-silvered mirrors to allow participants to trace images drawn on the screen. The first of these applications walks the user through designing a coat of arms, and the second shows the user how to write using secretary hand, a sixteenth century handwriting system.

Photographs by Yassine El Mansouri

The Cloud

The Cloud is an animated projection on the ceiling of the Folger’s historic Great Hall, an expansive hallway that extends a full block with two-story ceilings. The projection is seamlessly displayed across the entirety of the ceiling by nine projectors, projecting a 40 minute animated sequence comprised of eight segments. The segments borrow from books, engravings, and woodcuts from the time of Shakespeare, including the works of Shakespeare himself.

After months of preparation, the installation of the “Life of an Icon” exhibit at Folger Shakespeare Library has opened! Thanks to the Library, the installation was captured in a time-lapse sequence showing how a vibrant and interactive project comes to life! In addition to providing support for the ceiling projection by Abbot Miller of Pentagram, Small Design Firm created three interactive touchscreen for the exhibit.

Photographed over nine days by the Head of Photography at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Julie Ainsworth. More at