Churchill Museum

One of our first projects, we built an interactive table that presented thousands of documents, arranged by date, from the life of Winston Churchill.


Central to the Museum is the ‘Lifeline’, a 17 metre-long interactive table displaying thousands of documents and texts, and images and film clips relating to the great man’s eventful life.

Just one metre shorter than a London bendy bus, the Lifeline chronicles Churchill’s ninety-year span, focusing on particular days, which are organised into months and years.

“We are faced with an immense amount of data” says Museum and Cabinet War Rooms director Phil Reed. “We wanted to give as much information about Churchill’s life and times as we can in a way that is interesting and engaging."

The thousands of virtual artifacts are presented, using overhead data projectors, in manila-type ‘folders’ which visitors can ‘open’ by running their finger along touch-sensitive strips located at regular points on each side of the table.